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Referral Program

We love referrals! Anthroware offers a great referral program that rewards our employees or outside contacts that send us leads that turn into billable projects. If you are in a position to hear about software projects, please contact us to learn more about how we will pay you or your agency for setting up meetings for new potential clients!

Anthroware will also act as a development partner for design or marketing agencies that may not have in house development. We discount our rates up to 10% for all of our business partners.

501c3’s & other Charitable Projects

Please consider Anthroware to be the design and development resource for your charity or non-profit. We offer up to 10% discount to charities and non- profits and can extend up to 5% discount if it is our first project together. We offer these discounts because we love giving back. No strings attached.

Once a year, we choose a charity that is local to where we have development resources and offer our full services to help create or update branding, marketing, website or other technical needs. We then donate the money back 100% to the charity! This is a great way for us to get involved in the communities where we work and live.

Does your charity need some work? Anthroware can help!

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Careers at Anthroware

Anthroware is a hand-picked team of brilliant designers, developers, and engineers. Expertise ranges from hard science to data science to design. We look for motivated people that care about doing a great job and want to make a difference. We take our time hiring because we want to make sure that the candidate fits with our team and are capable of delivering great work.

Are you a motivated, sharp, professional developer or designer that enjoys challenges and constant learning? Do you enjoy working with people that challenge you professionally? Keep an eye on our opportunities page and follow @Anthroware on twitter.

Current Opportunities