We believe

The combination of artists, business minds, and creative engineering can solve wicked problems.

It’s possible to make it easy to do hard things.

People are at the heart of every project.

If people have a mission and the tools to accomplish it, they are powerful indeed.

Radical honesty should be balanced by kindness.

The Anthroware Way

Anthroware’s mission is to untangle the complexity in routine workflows by creating digital tools that automate, streamline, and simplify processes. Software doesn’t have to be hard to use, and business doesn’t have to be complex; your team can stop worrying about busy work and get back to what they love to do.

We solve real problems and develop amazing digital products every day—this is how we do it.


Anthroware performs Lean Business Design to identify the gap in the market and ensure your investment in technology matches the potential impact of the project.


Graphic Design and User Experience experts study the humans that will use the software to craft a beautiful interface your users will love, based on our user-experience-focused continuous learning engine.


Experienced engineers, software architects, and database administrators work side-by-side with designers and users to ensure a necessary, high-quality, scalable product.

“We appreciated the processes Anthroware used, from time/cost estimates to the build and implementation of ChekTrek, our custom event Web Application. Support was, and is, quick and efficient. I'd recommend Anthroware to anyone needing design or web development services.”

Laura Huff, CEO, Chektrek

Industries + Categories

Anthroware’s proven methods are applicable to any industry. We can design and implement smart digital solutions, test them with your end users, and even work with your team to drive adoption. Using process-centered custom software, we create an improved state where users waste less time and feel less frustrated, and the cost to the organization is lower.

We love

  • Healthcare/Healthtech
  • Education and Education regulation
  • State and federal compliance
  • Finance tech
  • Insurance
  • IoT
  • Data/Analytics/data driven decision-making
  • Workflow and approval tools
  • Manufacturing
  • Startups

You need Anthroware when

  • You spend more time trying to do your job than actually doing it.
  • You hear the word “workaround” a lot from your users or employees.
  • You’re an enterprise in need of a healthy dose of startup agility.
  • You’re a funded startup in need of a technical team that also understands the discipline of business.

Hello! We are the Anthroware Team.

Jason Stewart Lisa Mae Steve Meisner David Le Sarah Ney George Glackin

We’re an eclectic mix of talented, hardworking professionals including coders, creatives, networkers, rock climbers, whitewater paddlers, mountain bikers, dog-lovers, beer-drinkers, parents, and children. Anthroware employs curious, thoughtful, and empathetic people who love to learn, and who treat your projects with the same passion and care as our own.

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