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Professional App Prototyping

Gain the confidence to determine a successful and validated path forward for funding and development.

Prototyping is one of the foundational components of software development, as it allows us to test hypotheses, solutions, and designs — before committing them to code. Essentially, prototypes can help to guide design tweaks, incorporate early User feedback, and even test for viability of the overarching concept and business model. Indeed, for many entrepreneurs and enterprises, this threshold must be crossed before unlocking the next level of funding and/or approval. And that's why we’ve adapted our prototyping model into this discrete offering for clients with a budget specifically dedicated to honing a concept and getting feedback, before development is on the table.

Price Range


Prototyping services include

  • Primary workflow mapping
  • Clickable prototypes
  • Test questions and selling experimnents
  • Feedback tools

NOTE: We offer multiple add-on services and can provide you with an itemized price list at your request.

3 Elements of Anthroware

Prototyping often involves a fairly even split of product consulting and design. Engineering may weigh in to assess feasibility and level of effort (cost); but in general, prototyping is all about matching the right designs to flawless business thinking.








“For every dollar spent to resolve problems during product design,[…]it would cost $10 to address the same problem during product development, and $100 or more to solve the problem after the product is released.”

Leah Buley (UX Team of One)

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