Welcome to Antlab — Our skills. Your vision.

Antlab is your toolbox.

Welcome to Antlab. Digital Products are the result of experimentation, learning, and technology. Products should fit the end-users’ real needs with tools that solve their frustrations with delight so they can get back to life.

Product = Experimentation + Learning + Execution. Repeat.

What’s an experiment?

We talk about experiments a lot. It might be running designs or a clickable prototype by actual consumers and asking questions. It might be an A/B Test on your website. It might be a selling experiment where (gasp!) you actually give users the chance to reject your idea. Early Learning gets projects on target more quickly.

We run all projects like they are our own

In any engagement — whether small or Enterprise-Level — we study the growing pains of the industry, ask tough questions, and behave as your objective observers. It’s easy to forget that we’re building stuff to make lives easier when we only focus on the gains. We target the friction, focusing on the life-level pain so that we deliver something delightful to your end user.

The technology matters

Code should just work. Every time. We’ve got the top people using industry leading practices to create high quality digital products. Nothing is perfect, but we stand behind our products. If it fails, we fix it.

The tools matter

Antlab is here to show off some of the kinds of work we do. It doesn’t always make sense to use every service on every project. We want to use the right tools for the job.