A Human Centered Brand

Anthroware's Journey: Embracing A Human Centered Brand

Ailis Grosh
Ailis Grosh
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Discover Anthroware's transformation to a human-centered brand, focusing on designing digital products that deeply connect with users and improve lives.

Table of Contents:

  1. Creating Meaningful Connections: Human-Centered Design
  2. Anthroware's Design Approach: Bridging the Gap
  3. Reflecting on Our Brand Identity and Approach
  4. Introducing Our Human-Centered Rebrand
  5. Why Our Team Believes in Our Design Process
  6. Embracing the Impact of Human-Centered Design

Creating Meaningful Connections: Human-Centered Design

At Anthroware, we design digital products with our partners, for their users — their people. From business strategy to branding, UI/UX, and development. We focus on tapping into what human beings feel, desire, and value to create compelling experiences for the folks who use our products.

We believe that focusing on Human-Centered Design is the key to creating successful products that people need and love to use. Our approach puts the designers in the same room as the consumers. Rather than having a journey of dreaming up fantastical user interfaces in a silo, designers brainstorm, iterate, and immerse themselves in the problems of the consumers. There is no separation between “the dream solution” and “what the consumers need”. Our design process closes that gap. It’s a plan of attack that makes feedback and rich interactions a core tenant for the design work.

Anthroware's Design Approach: Bridging the Gap

Our human-centered design approach is about helping people live better lives.

So many tools or 'projects' get built from the top down, and the consumers of the products are told they have to use them. Then when it's rolled out, the person that's supposed to use it just keeps doing their workaround. It's hard to change people's habits. If you make something good enough to change habits, the organization can reap the benefits of efficiency and process improvements.

'Experience' is more than a streamlined workflow or set of features. Experience is delighting the person using the tool by solving their pain.

We believe that any company that acknowledges the benefits of human-centered design can create better products. At Anthroware, focusing on this allows us to set expectations with our partners early on because human-centered design is the DNA of all that we do. We combine our creative team with business experts and a badass team of engineers that can build anything to purposefully practice Human-Centered Design at Anthroware.

Reflecting on Our Brand Identity and Approach

We’ve rebranded to better reflect our design-centered process

Anthroware's Human Centered Brand Transformation

It was important for us to dedicate time to self-reflection in order to validate our approach to the way we work with clients.

Introducing Our Human-Centered Rebrand

A deep internal reflection of who we are as people and what we offer as a company revealed a few key points:

  1. We are approachable and friendly people at heart and that’s how we want this company to be run, and come across to anyone who meets us.
  2. While we are approachable, our spirit is rebellious. We want to do things right and we know we can do it leaner than most other companies.
  3. We used to lean further into our dev team and now we want to see how far we can lean into design.

These three ideas led us to believe that we could find value in re-emphasizing strategy and impact on the humans our products touch.

Our new brand is all about humanity. It relies heavily on human touch as a graphic element, human faces instead of product mockups, and hand-drawn graphics as a way to further push the idea of humanity in our design process.

Our brand is designed to form a better connection to the people we serve. Whether it's a medical provider looking to remove friction from their onboarding process or a blockchain company seeking to share their vision of the future. We want the message to be loud and clear that we are here to not only create valuable tools that solve real pain points but to create tools that build connections with real people. Ultimately, our work benefits the lives of those people and forms a connection that extends beyond the bounds of business and technology.

Why Our Team Believes in Our Design Process

We pride ourselves on the fact that our team members deeply believe in the value of our design process. Here are some quotes from our team members regarding how they feel about previous work we have done at Anthroware, and how our human-centered vision will apply to all work we will do in the future.

Design-system workshop
Anthroware runs design workshops with clients
“[Our process] is important because we care about our community and those around us in general and we feel compelled to do our part to make the world a less stressful place.”

James Shaw, Director of Engineering at Anthroware


"We get to really connect with our end users and get inside their heads. We get to make products that truly have a positive impact on people's lives."

Ailis Grosh, Marketing & Media at Anthroware


“If we aren't hitting on peoples' real-life pain points in a way that reduces the pain and stress of those things, then we aren't actually solving their problem.”

Jason Stewart, VP & CTO at Anthroware


“Our process allows companies to (1) reduce risk or (2) find unique business opportunities. Human beings are amazingly complex, changing creatures. We help companies build the best possible product at the right time.”

John Cochran, UX Designer at Anthroware


“The immediately useful aspect of our design process is that it places the consumers and Anthroware on the same side, facing off against the problems. There is not any combativeness; we’re all in this together. We approach crafting solutions as equals in an extroverted design process.”

Matt Solle, Software Engineer at Anthroware

Embracing the Impact of Human-Centered Design

We are excited to see the opportunities that reinforcing this focus opens up. As we continue to innovate and evolve as a company, Anthroware remains committed to the principles of human-centered design thinking. We understand that the key to unlocking the full potential of digital products lies in truly understanding the people who use them. By placing the needs, desires, and emotions of users at the core of our design process, we can create products that not only solve real-life pain points but also forge meaningful connections that transcend the realms of business and technology.

The future of Anthroware

The future of Anthroware is rooted in our passion for human-centered design and our desire to empower businesses to make a positive impact on people's lives. We believe that by fostering a culture of empathy and collaboration, we can inspire the next generation of innovative solutions that transform the way we live, work, and interact. Our unwavering commitment to this design philosophy ensures that Anthroware will continue to be a driving force for change, crafting products that resonate with users and create lasting value for our partners. Does this resonate with you? Drop us a line - let a company with a human-centered brand help you build better products.

Ailis Grosh
Ailis Grosh
Research Strategist
Asheville, NC

Ailis has a rich background in research and analysis using data and insights to craft strategy. She is an expert in human centered brand discovery utilizing qualitative and quantitative research from conceptualization to implementation.