Anthroware Turns 5: A Journey of Growth & Innovation

Anthroware Turns 5: A Journey of Growth & Innovation

Jon Jones
Jon Jones
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Anthroware celebrates its 5th anniversary, reflecting on growth, innovation, and the power of exceptional teamwork in creating impactful software products.

Table of Contents:

  1. Celebrating Five Years of Human-Centered Entrepreneurship
  2. Building a Team That Truly Cares
  3. Expanding Our Expertise and Services
  4. The Power of Community and Giving Back
  5. Exploring New Technologies and Trends
  6. A Toast to the Next Five Years and Beyond

Celebrating Five Years of Human-Centered Entrepreneurship

A little over five years ago, I looked at my wife in the eyes and lied to her. "We're controlling the risk, it'll be a fun experiment. What's the worst that can happen? We lose $1000?" Jason Stewart and I were going to fund our business account with about $1500 so we could pay a designer to make nice proposals. A couple of weeks later, our EIN came in from NC, and we were off and running. We had great jobs at a great company but had the itch of entrepreneurship and wanted to build beautiful products that people actually need.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that we actually bootstrapped a cash flow business starting with that tiny amount of money. We've grown significantly since then and are no longer ignorant of the risks, long hours, stress, and financial investment it takes to grow a company. We've gone through periods of celebration and long months without paychecks. We've worked the 80+ hour weeks, had random whiskey-inspired rap battles in the office, and we still feel pride to come into the office with exceptional colleagues that build each other up on a daily basis.

Building a Team That Truly Cares

"From the beginning, Jason and I knew that Anthroware's success depends on working with the best people..."

From the outset, Jason and I understood that Anthroware's success hinges on collaborating with the best people - individuals who are not only smart and technically proficient but who also care deeply about what we stand for, care for each other, and care for the world around us. This shared purpose has resulted in a company culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and personal growth.

Fostering Long-Lasting Partnerships

We also quickly figured out that our success depends on working with the best partners. Our clients become our friends, and we're blessed to work with great teams that appreciate the innovative approach we bring to the table. By cultivating strong, lasting relationships with our clients, we can leverage our collective strengths to build solutions that genuinely improve people's lives.

Embracing Challenges and Learning from Mistakes

The struggles, celebrations, mistakes, and funny moments are the fiber that supports our company's culture. The last five years have humbled me, an imperfect leader. We have learned to adapt, innovate, and grow in the face of adversity, ultimately shaping the company we are today.

Expanding Our Expertise and Services

As Anthroware has grown, we have expanded our expertise to encompass a wide range of services, including business strategy, branding, UI/UX, and software development. This holistic approach enables us to offer comprehensive solutions that address our clients' diverse needs while staying true to our human-centered design philosophy.

Looking Forward to the Future

I'm looking forward to continued growth, new partners, new team members, and more stories. As we celebrate Anthroware's fifth birthday, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, including forging new partnerships, expanding our team, and tackling even more challenging projects.

The Power of Community and Giving Back

At Anthroware, we believe that our success is not only measured by the products we create but also by the positive impact we have on our community. We are committed to giving back and supporting the causes that matter to our team members and clients. Whether it's through volunteering, sponsorships, or other forms of support, we are dedicated to making a difference in the world around us.

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we remain focused on refining our processes and practices. By embracing a mindset of continuous improvement, we can ensure that we are always delivering the highest quality products and services to our clients while staying true to our core values and human-centered design principles.

Investing in Our Team's Growth and Development

At Anthroware, we recognize that our team is our greatest asset. As we continue to grow, we are committed to investing in our team members' personal and professional development. This includes providing opportunities for training, mentorship, and collaboration to ensure that our team remains at the cutting edge of our industry.

Exploring New Technologies and Trends

As technology evolves and new trends emerge, Anthroware is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. By actively exploring new technologies and methodologies, we can continue to deliver innovative, impactful solutions for our clients that push the boundaries of what's possible.

Strengthening Our Brand and Presence

As we look to the future, we also aim to strengthen Anthroware's brand and presence within the industry. This includes refining our messaging, showcasing our successes, and sharing our insights and expertise through thought leadership initiatives, such as blog posts, podcasts, and speaking engagements.

The Power of Human-Centered Design Thinking

As we celebrate Anthroware's five-year anniversary, it's essential to recognize the power of human-centered design thinking in our journey. By putting people at the center of everything we do, we have been able to create products and services that genuinely resonate with our clients and their users. This focus on empathy, collaboration, and understanding has been instrumental in our success and will continue to drive our work as we move forward.

A Toast to the Next Five Years and Beyond

As we reflect on our journey thus far, we are incredibly grateful for the support of our team members, clients, and partners who have made Anthroware what it is today. We are excited to see what the future holds and are confident that our commitment to human-centered design, innovation, and collaboration will continue to propel us forward.

With the foundation of our past experiences and the support of our dedicated team, Anthroware looks to the future with great enthusiasm. As we continue to learn, grow, and innovate, we are eager to see what new challenges and opportunities await us. Thank you for being a part of our journey thus far - we can't wait to see what the future holds for Anthroware. Here's to the next five years and beyond - happy birthday, Anthroware!

Jon Jones
Jon Jones
Co-Founder/ CEO
Asheville, NC

Jon Jones co-founded Anthroware in 2013 to build brands and products the right way— always starting from a creative, design and user-first posture. Every project is a product!