Branding, in a few words, is the perception of your company, product or offering to your audience. This perception is a combination of emotion and logic that manifests as visuals, language and behavior. How you look, how you talk (or write) and how you act - guided by business goals and your values - is branding.

Understanding your branding is essential to any business endeavor. Without defined branding, any choice you make can be “on brand” - leading to confusion for your customer. But when branding is explicit, you will win the competitive battle for customers and employees, future-proof your business from failures and downturns, and produce a product or service that operates with integrity and authenticity.

We love branding

We believe that branding is one of the necessary first steps in order to design a successful product or launch a business. We love this step, because it allows us to understand and interpret our partners on an emotional level - and in turn they get a better understanding of themselves. While having everyone connect is certainly cathartic, it also empowers us to deliver a more cohesive, “on brand” final product.

Branding as a deliverable provides our partners with a connectable brand, an identity for a cohesive presentation and visual identifiers in the form of logos, words and symbols.

Opie Way

Mass production of cheaply made footwear has commoditized the way most people view their shoes. They have become a disposable product, a necessity that we expect to fall apart. They are made from unhealthy materials, in a process that is damaging to our environment. Opie Way is a group of cordwainers (shoemakers) seeking to inspire a change in how shoes are designed, made, valued and loved. We worked together to help them define their branding, values and visual identity.

We paid homage to a bygone era when all-natural materials and craftsmanship were an appreciated standard. Thoughtfulness and quality were keywords throughout the project.





Branding the Details    

The smallest details form the support structure that reinforces your brand to an audience. These particulars may seem insignificant but are a powerful (and often easy) way to bolster a cohesive message.

Swipe to Share        

A brand-guided feature in a mobile application designed to deepen a connection when sending funds. Rather than a basic quick button press, we slowed down the user just-a-hair through a swipe action to give great           

An Open Book        

This simple mark was designed for an education collaboration plaform that increased visibility and accountability of the use and allocation of federal funds. Transparency or "open books" was the concept.


Skills Delivered


  • Visual Identity
  • Illustration
  • Mark Design
  • UX/UI


  • Branding