Jeff Kaplan's Last Day at Anthroware

Jon Jones
Jon Jones
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It’s Jeff’s last day at Anthroware...

I am so proud and excited to see Jeff thrive in his new role as the Director of Entrepreneurship at Venture Asheville. His energy, passion, and experience are the perfect skillset for the job, and our community is lucky to have him in this prestigious role!

As a consultant and product owner at Anthroware, Jeff’s duties spanned a lot of traditional “jobs” in our organization. He did so much more than what we asked of him, put in long hours, worked hard for us and our partners, and has been a big part of our growth. Even in the last few weeks as he’s pumped about his new role he’s worked harder than ever to make sure we’re in a great spot.

Words cannot describe the way I feel about Jeff as a colleague and friend. It’s every leaders dream to see their team grow and flourish. My cup overflows.

Jeff, I’m looking forward to working with you in your new role, and collaborating on many projects between Venture Asheville and Hatch AVL.

Here’s to the next chapter!

-Jon Jones

Jon Jones
Jon Jones
Co-Founder/ CEO
Asheville, NC

Jon Jones co-founded Anthroware in 2013 to build brands and products the right way— always starting from a creative, design and user-first posture. Every project is a product!