Digitized and Automated Workflows for State Health Agencies

Over $250,000,000 of the Medicaid budget is dedicated to supporting facilities and individual beneficiaries. PIVOT, the Provider Information Verification Oversight Technology is a digital compliance tool ensuring proper usage of joint state and federal funds.

The Challenge

Starting Point: Our client won a State contract to perform inspections at 1122 Medicaid-supported healthcare facilities. Anthroware engaged with the client as a partner, to evaluate the current workflow, identify inefficiencies, and build a platform (PIVOT) to streamline the process and improve the experience for all User Roles.

UX Analysis

Anthroware’s Lead UX Designer performed a dot-voting exercise with the Reviewers to evaluate which aspect of the existing lengthy and redundant process took the most time and which were the most frustrating. We mapped out the entire workflow and designed a state-machine to move every record across each phase, differentiated by user role, and automated reporting.

Our Solution

We set out to rebuild the healthcare provider inspection tool based in a state-machine, new permission and landing pages for multiple user roles, and building in the intelligence to automate reports. Those gains and return on the investment would have been enough, but our team took it to the next level to prepare our client for scalability. By making the tool flexible enough to drop in new State’s assessment tools in less than 1 week, our partner could resell this solution to all 50 states.