​You don't know your customers anymore.

Customers, competitors, buyers, users; this is an ever-changing and fast paced world we currently live in. If your company isn't intentional about competitive intelligence (CI), then you aren't keeping up.

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Most CI programs are superficial, our approachgoes deep.

Anthroware CI puts your finger back on the pulse. With unbiased insights your product, sales, and marketing teams close (and shorten) the feedback loop to increase customer satisfaction and win more deals.

Our team delivers true intelligence into how your product and business performs in the real world. Most companies stop at providing data. We look for patterns, go deep to connect insights to wisdom, and focus on humans.
We go deep.

Our Product
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Customer insights yield wisdom. Customer wisdom drives revenue.

Smart, frequent customer insights yield wisdom on your customer, their receptivity and how to win. Connecting these dots allows us to:

  • Find the hidden opportunity. (market share, revenue, white space, new customer base)
  • Know what your buyers want and do more of it.
  • Outsmart competitors and be different.
  • Be more efficient and waste less resources.

With the right wisdom you will win value and ROI