A Human-Focused Brand

At Anthroware, we design digital products with our partners, for their users — their people. From business strategy to branding, UI/UX, and development. We

Creating Customer Intimacy

Customer Intimacy is a business’s ability to be more than just a vendor or a trusted resource; it is the deep and abiding connection between two organizations whose values and practices align to build a greater whole than either of the separate parts could ever be.

A Technologist, on Design

Being an effective designer takes grit; your job is to deliver exactly the right experience at exactly the right time, to exactly the right audience...no biggie, right?

How to do a good job.

So, here’s another list. My top ten (not necessarily in order) things to keep in mind in order to show up and do a good job with regards to your personal self and your relationship with the team of people you find yourself working with.

Crafted + Coded

We want to shout it from the mountaintops! In this post, we dive into the alliterative little phrase that is intrinsically tied to our core beliefs and essential to all things Anthroware. 📣📣

Personal stuff matters in business.

We build real relationships with our clients because we believe its the best way to do business, it's not a scheme. It takes effort above and beyond building great products for them.

Jeff Kaplan's last day at Anthroware

As a consultant and product owner at Anthroware, Jeff’s duties spanned a lot of traditional “jobs” in our organization. He did so much more than what we asked of him, put in long hours, worked hard for us and our partners, and has been a big part of our growth.

Anthroware turns 5

From the beginning, Jason and I knew that Anthroware's success depends on working with the best people — people who are not only smart and technically proficient, but who care deeply about what we stand for, care for each other, and care for the world around us.

5 common startup pitfalls

This article will address a few common pitfalls. These mistakes cause serious headaches later, or even tip the odds in favor of failure.

Building a real network

This article started when I began to write down some ‘networking rules of conduct’ folks at Anthroware that are beginning to put themselves out there

Planned Obsolescence

Recently, I've begun to notice that while that work still falls on me in large part, I am not always relied upon to make the custom software work.

Your Digital Storefront

Websites range from dirt cheap DIY options, to expensive custom builds. Why? It’s hard to understand why it’s expensive and whether it’s a good spend.

Team Language

When heated conversations arise at Anthroware, I believe it's driven by the fact that we hire really passionate people that want the end result to be great.

What is Requirements Gathering?

When embarking on a custom software project, you must define what the product is going to look like, what it’s going to do, and what it’s not going to do.