The Best of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Design 2018

Blockchain and Crypto are undoubtedly some of the biggest things happening in tech right now. So far in 2018 the amount of VC investment into the blockchain space has exceeded 2017 and 2016 combined. Looking beyond the buzz, Anthroware believes that these technologies are important to have in your kit, but that responsible product development should always focus on where and how any given solution can best serve our clients' innovative business goals, and of course the end-user.

That said, the visual language emerging in the blockchain / crypto / decentralized computing space is intriguing, and our team is honing our use of that language on several projects right now. Recently, I took up a simple exercise of cataloguing some basic branding and UI/UX concepts for our design team, while also trying to find the most beautiful and meaningful examples of modern UI design in the cryptocurrency space (including the various sites for news, indexing, peer-to-peer communication and the like that support the genre). Clear presentation of complex financial data and rich user experience were my touchstones...

So, here are the results of my dive into the best in current blockchain and crypto design (some real-world, some conceptual):


I can't help but start with branding. Slick techi-ness abounds — naturally — with recurring references to tokens, minerals, building blocks, dark-web origins, anonymity, and the ethos of decentralization. Some surprisingly smart takes on this aesthetic caught my eye.

Credits: 1. Toshi; 2. Coinbase Exchange; 3. Quantstamp; 4. Alex Tass; 5. Shift Payments; 6. Sweet; 7. Gaga Vastard; 8. Salt Lending; 9. Eugene MT; 10. Blockchain Association of Canada; 10. Dominic Vikram Babu

Desktop + Mobile Applications

Today's consumer cryptocurrency, and other token-based apps, blend the straight-forwardness of ledger/fund-management tools and traditional banking applications with blockchain-driven features, as well as cutting-edge UX design standards. Assets, indexes, transaction history, wallet, peer-to-peer communication and other essential features, all through beautiful moments of interactivity. Of course, mobile applications are de rigueur for emergent internet technologies…

Credits: 1. Toto Castiglione; 2.Oscar Manxz; 3. Coinwatch; 4. 10Cloud/Cryptocoin; 5. Cuberto; 6. Coindesk; 7. Token

I love getting lost in the perfected details and microcopy of the above examples.


A few pieces of supporting print material…always nice to see digital work manifest in the physical world…

Credits: 1. Julien Gionis; 2. CoinsBank; 3. Ivan Shaykhislamov; 4,5. Salt Lending; 6. Mario De Meyer; 7. Shift Payments; 8. Mario De Meyer


Anthroware’s designers are, by nature, constantly searching for the places where beauty and commerce coalesce, and so it's exciting to forge into projects in this new field. We are looking forward to seeing more of (and creating) the future of this emerging UI paradigm, and being a part of its evolution out of the darkness and into the realm of viable consumer technology. Hopefully you found some insight and inspiration in these examples as well. Cheers!

Tommy Calhoun