Growler Chill

Crafting a solution for the IoB – Internet of Beer

About Growler Chill

Growler Chill is a household internet-connected appliance that preserves freshness, purges oxygen and keeps your delicious craft beer cold.

The Challenge

Growler Chill set out to solve the beer perishability problem - fresh beer from a brewery in a growler only has 2 or 3 days before it goes bad. By keeping growlers cold, in the dark, and free from oxygen, Growler Chill allows users to keep their beer fresh and on tap for months at a time. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign and prototyping phase, Growler Chill approached Anthroware to create a user-friendly app to manage the device and its users, add brews, adjust temperature, and check growler volume levels.

backers pledged
of $175,000 goal to help bring this project to life

Technical Requirements

  • Match hardware deadlines
  • Connect device to owner’s network
  • Sync devices to app
  • Sync weight and temperature sensors
  • 24/7 up-time
  • Secure devices from IoT hacks

Our Solution

Anthroware created the workflow to get a device out of the box, onto your network, and into the palm of your hand - easy and fast. Anywhere you are, you can see what’s on tap, what’s left, and what’s missing. Leveraging an inexpensive and robust 3rd party database, the Growler Chill can add almost any beer in the world to the app, and even add your own homebrews.

The Mobile Experience

Our app will allow users to control a selection of Growler Chill features by mobile phones or tablets. The app will include features such as remote temperature control, beer volume tracker, history of beers loaded and sanitizing cycle alerts.

Extensive Database

Designed for beer drinkers everywhere, Growler Chill needed a serious database to draw from to provide the best experience for their users. They also needed support for homebrewers, a key market segment. Anthroware found the BreweryDB database. With over 65,000 entries, affordability, and supportive terms, it was a perfect fit for Growler Chill. Homebrewers can also add their own brews, name, ABV, and IBU. This hybrid solution met every one of Growler Chill’s needs.

Skills Delivered

  • Design
    • Mobile-first UX/UI
    • Custom Icons
  • Technologies
    • Particle Hardware
    • Ruby on Rails
    • PostgreSQL database
  • Development
    • Advanced Front-End Development
    • Advanced Back-End Development
    • Activity logging
    • Analytics
    • Sensor compatibility
    • Self-Hosted Server