Product Owner/Project Manager

Our Consulting Team is looking for a passionate, experienced, mid-senior-level product owner/project manager (PO), with experience in managing custom design and software projects.

Anthroware is a growing creative and technology agency with mastery in design, engineering, and product strategy. We operate as an agile team and are obsessed with bringing premium service and value to our customers.  Our standards at the intersection of design and killer engineering are really high. Our team is comprised of practice area experts; you will be working with the best. If you love working with people that are as smart or smarter than you and want to work with highly qualified experts on really cool projects, then please apply!

All projects must have a Product Owner/Project Manager, and at Anthroware those rolls often overlap. This person is ultimately responsible for the delivery of the project, on time and on budget. They are the primary point person for all matters related to the project’s status, health, delivery, and budget. They are specifically tasked with coordinating the work efforts so that Anthroware’s delivery hits the mark. Specifically, they will run meetings, resolve conflicts, organize SCRUM calls, perform product demonstrations, document project changes, and keep a running log of all decisions made regarding the outcome of the project.

Responsibilities of a Product Owner/Project Manager:

  • Humble, mature leadership
  • Take lead of project teams as the Product Owner, with the ambition and initiative to see that projects succeed
  • High-level strategic thinking skills, supported by a deep but broad understanding product strategy, business strategy, and the ability to communicate with design and engineers well.
  • Providing vision and direction to the Agile development team and stakeholders throughout the project and create requirements
  • Ensure that the team always has an adequate amount of prior prepared tasks to work on
  • Plan and prioritize product feature backlog and development for the product
  • Define product vision, roadmap and growth opportunities
  • Assess value, develop use cases, and prioritize stories, epics and themes to ensure work focuses on those with maximum value that are aligned with product strategy
  • Provide backlog management, iteration planning, and elaboration of the user stories
  • Work closely with customers to create and maintain a product backlog according to business value or ROI
  • Strong presentation skills and confidence to articulate product decisions both internally and to clients, in a compelling manner that lends valuable insight into proposed solutions — with the ability to integrate feedback and iterate
  • Lead the planning product release plans and set expectation for delivery of new functionalities
  • Provide an active role in mitigating impediments impacting successful team completion of Release/Sprint Goals

Required Education & Technical Skills:

  • B.S. In Business or related field
  • P.M.P. certification is a plus
  • 5+ Years experience
  • Familiarity with project management tools like Jira and Confluence, spreadsheets, RAID logs, etc..
  • Comfort managing/creating user stories, process maps, and other types of data management for digital products
  • Great communication skills and the desire to fit into the Anthroware family

Our team members don’t stop at requirements and skills. What separates ideal candidates are the less measurable aspects of their skillset.  

Project and time management:

Every person at Anthroware works to ensure that a project will be completed on time and under budget. They will be very clear in setting expectations with the project stakeholders to explain what will be delivered and when it will be delivered. They will ensure that project team members understand the project requirements and timeframes and provide the leadership necessary for their team to succeed. We are all responsible for the success of the projects. Tactfully, we affect delivery outcomes by being personally accountable for our commitments.  

The PO with the above capacity will be valued and promoted as a practice area expert.  The PO will help estimate projects, write documentation for design aspects of projects, and manage certain aspects of projects. We value creativity and conceptual thinking and are looking for someone that can riff well with our team. Lastly, the PO is expected to learn the Anthroware playbook so that we can best serve the clients in our target markets. This may include additional personal learning to become familiar with Anthroware’s Operations Guide, and learning about our clients and their industries.

At Anthroware we view our consulting team as an integral part of our offering as a company; one of our 3 cores. Anthroware will support a controlled growth of the consulting team as we bring in new business.  

We are hiring for our headquarters in Asheville, NC.

Jon Jones