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we study humans to make custom software they need and love to use.

A multi-site facility had thousands of employees using stationary terminals to clock in and out, causing frustration and time wasted standing in line. By designing a location-aware app, Anthroware let users clock-in and get to work faster, turning minutes into seconds. This single feature of a multi-function app integrated with existing business tools to return a potential $2M to the bottom line.

An education management software suite for districts and states was in dire need for a significant upgrade. Anthroware updated the color pallet, User Interface, and redesigned screens and workflows to improve usability. Notably, by adding a dashboard serving at-a-glance key indicators. End users were delighted with the aesthetic and usability upgrades.

Publicly-funded healthcare facilities are required to be audited by 3rd party reviewers. Anthroware turned a complicated and slow paper checklist workflow into a beautiful, fast, and easy to use reporting and submission web-app. Now reviewers and auditors can track every record and submit changes, even off-line.

Good software. Happy humans.
Welcome to the Anthroware Way. Since 2013.

Anthroware is a mashup of anthropologists, designers, data-driven consultants, and technology builders. We un-knot tough problems that clients can’t un-tangle on their own by simplifying their processes: both human and digital.

We build the custom software, integrations and databases your organization needs. We develop technology solutions that are rooted in real end-user studies that are simple and easy to use; they supercharge productivity for clients and end users.

Our Expertise

  • Healthcare / healthtech
  • Education and education regulation
  • State and federal compliance
  • Finance tech
  • Insurance
  • Green-tech / clean-tech
  • HR & employee-engagement
  • IoT
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Data / analytics / data driven decision-making
  • Workflow and approval tools
  • Manufacturing
  • Enterprise
  • Startups

Complexity Debt

Unnecessary complexity kills productivity. Anthroware crushes complexity debt.

Organizations of all sizes accumulate waste in their systems as a by-product of innovation and growth. Increasing company size, broadening of product mix, and compliance with new regulations escalate the complexity of a successful business.

Fig. 1: Complexity Debt


Early Stages

While bootstrapping your way to success, a patchwork of vendors and software services will help you get the job done. While you are small and nimble this is manageable—but it’s not scalable.

Complexity Debt


Complexity Debt

A piece-meal web of semi-related vendors/services creates gaps in efficiency and frustrating workflows, eating away at your bottom line. Eliminating complexity debt is the key to taking your business to the next level.


Enter Anthroware

Anthroware eliminates complex processes and simplifies workflows by crafting beautiful digital solutions that increase throughput and boost profits.

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“We appreciated the processes Anthroware used, from time/cost estimates to the build and implementation of ChekTrek, our custom event Web Application. Support was, and is, quick and efficient. I'd recommend Anthroware to anyone...”

Laura Huff, CEO, Chektrek

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