We are Anthroware—

we study humans to make custom software they need and love to use.

A multi-site facility had thousands of employees using stationary terminals to clock in and out, causing frustration and time wasted standing in line. By designing a location-aware app, Anthroware let users clock-in and get to work faster, turning minutes into seconds. This single feature of a multi-function app integrated with existing business tools to return a potential $2M to the bottom line.

An education management software suite for districts and states was in dire need for a significant upgrade. Anthroware updated the color pallet, User Interface, and redesigned screens and workflows to improve usability. Notably, by adding a dashboard serving at-a-glance key indicators. End users were delighted with the aesthetic and usability upgrades.

Publicly-funded healthcare facilities are required to be audited by 3rd party reviewers. Anthroware turned a complicated and slow paper checklist workflow into a beautiful, fast, and easy to use reporting and submission web-app. Now reviewers and auditors can track every record and submit changes, even off-line.

Good software. Happy humans.
Welcome to the Anthroware Way. Since 2013.

Anthroware is a mashup of anthropologists, designers, data-driven consultants, and technology builders. We unknot tough problems that clients can’t untangle on their own by simplifying their processes; both human and digital.

We build the custom software, integrations and databases your organization needs. We develop technology solutions that are rooted in real end-user studies that are simple and easy to use; they supercharge productivity for clients and end users.

Are we a good fit for each other?

If you’ve got a big idea or innovative project that requires product development chops to execute then we could be a good fit to amp up your capacity. But we don’t know if we’re a good fit without learning more about YOU. Do you need enterprise development? Are you taking your startup to MVP? Building some big strategy into your website? Check out this guide, visit Antlab or reach out for a chat! We love kicking around ideas.

Execute an Idea

Big ideas need big strategy, even when you’re just starting out. We offer several entry points that all include strategic consulting with our consultants that push big projects past the finish line. If you’re early stage with a high growth model or have specific growth goals then check out these killer services. Avg. project size is $5k – $15k.

Strategic Growth

You’re ready to expand, but you need more than software development… you need a team that can validate your opportunity, use a data-backed approach to design, and build a solution with your business needs in mind. Maybe you have aggressive growth goals for your online business or maybe you need a B2B or B2C mobile app. We’ve got you. Avg. project size $30k – $125k.

Big Scale

You already have a successful business. It takes strategy, discipline – but you also need to innovate. Enterprise-level projects and platforms with complex data needs are some of our favorite things. We use a user-centric, data-backed approach to execute your project and create something that users love, is secure, creates organizational benefits and just works. Avg. project size $100k – $2M.

To see all Anthroware services, visit Antlab.


We Love Our Clients

“PCG has worked with Anthroware for several years on projects ranging from large enterprise web-based applications to smaller R&D commissions. They work with us from conceptual stage all the way to production, and have provided expert guidance to balance organizational needs with end-user delight. They actively manage project risks which makes my job easier, and their unique approach has made my projects more successful. I will continue to work with Anthroware.”

Natali Sipes, Product Manager at Public Consulting Group

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