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Discovery and Project Planning - Remove guesswork

If your product is ready to build (in our opinion, this means it’s been validated by talking to users, a lot), then Anthroware’s discovery approach represents best practices for Phase I custom application development. Minimize risk and resolve uncertainty by developing a clear and complete understanding of your application’s goals and requirements before development. The result of a well-conceived discovery phase is an accurate cost proposal and project plan — key elements for running a successful (on-time and on-budget) project. This phase allows managers and leaders to set healthy and realistic expectations, and make business decisions based on a real plan, not guesswork.

Price Range


Discovery phases may include

  • Requirements gathering
  • Goals identification + solution analysis
  • Market / competitive analysis + opportunity identification
  • Identifying functional requirements and user stories
  • Project scoping + budgeting
  • Project planning for design + development phases
  • Conceptual mockups / wireframes / prototypes

3 Elements of Anthroware

For discovery, you will be working primarily with one of our business analysts, a project manager, and technical lead, in creating your development roadmap. Though design may play a hand at this stage, in order to help articulate or clarify goals and ideas, the thrust of this phase is on the business, planning and technical side.








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