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Team 'seeding' for Agile Teams

Team seeding means that your organization has the team and some expertise, but needs more resources and knowledge to grow. Unlike normal staff aug, we seed your team with experts that are trained to identify and take advantage of teaching moments so that your team increases, and we decrease. We work ourselves out of a job by empowering your internal teams. Teamwork is at the heart of Anthroware’s success, and we love empowering other teams. This philosophy allows us to insert any one of our highly-skilled team members into existing teams, in order to fill temporary, permanent, or project-specific gaps.

Price Range:

Per team member, per week.


TeamUp capacities include

  • Full-stack software engineering
  • Design services from UI and web to branding and collateral
  • Agile project management + product ownership support
  • Go-to-market support for marketing and business teams
  • Team management + leadership
  • Content creation + copywriting

NOTE: This is just a sampling of the many areas of expertise that we can deploy to fill a gap in any team’s capacity.

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