Connecting communities through faith-based healthcare

The Challenge

Crafting a compelling, integrated cross-platform user experience that provides significant value gains to members was the initial challenge identified in the discovery process.

Prior versions employed a disconnected, ad-hoc feature set that lacked a singular narrative. The experience gap drove a wedge between communication and member-to-member collaboration, leading to lower user engagement.

The Goal

Celebrate SMI values, brand, voice, and personality across all mobile and web touchpoints.

The Outcome

Anthroware delivered a cross-platform health care solution focused on increasing authentic member connections by leveraging the power of intentionality through digital letter writing and acrowd-funded sharing model. Each member's requests and sharing fulfillment provide transparency in the payment processes and assurance that member support fulfills a critical health care need for others. Anthroware played a key role in identifying problems within the previous web application while addressing the need to create a seamless cross-platform experience for over 10,000 community members. Building a valued flagship product was simply a byproduct of helping users connect and reflect on member-to-member interaction.

We love working with clients that we see as the Top 1%, which we define as the organizations changing the world for the better. SMI is one of those clients. We are honored to have had the opportunity to apply our research-based approach to solve their digital problem, resulting in time saved, enhanced engagement, and an overall delightful experience for the end-user.

"I have not found a single person in our organization who has interacted with Anthroware and not been impressed. They have done a fantastic job of understanding our culture and values and shaping themselves to best fit in with who we are.They have done a great job balancing beauty and function to ensure each member is able to have a delightful experience."

Allen Eskridge
Product owner at Samaritan Ministries International