Connecting communities through faith-based healthcare

Samaritan Ministries International (SMI), a faith-based healthcare sharing provider, faced a pressing challenge of inefficiencies in their work-technology platforms as their membership grew. SMI grappled with a fragmented digital landscape that relied on disconnected ad hoc workarounds and third-party tools. This disjointed approach was costly, time-consuming, not scalable, and was hindering a core brand value; authentic interactions among members in their community.Recognizing these pivotal issues, SMI sought the expertise of Anthroware, a specialized work-tech product design firm, to lead their mobile app development effort, and revolutionize their approach while enhancing member engagement.

Project scope & solution

In response to SMI’s challenge, Anthroware embarked on a comprehensive approach to create a transformative solution. The project involved designing and building a mobile application as the core platform while supporting an SMI’s in-house effort rebuilding a complementary web application. Anthroware leveraged its expertise in strategizing, designing, building, and improving work-technology systems for businesses to deliver these solutions. This innovative mobile app harnessed the power of intentionality through digital letter writing and the healthshare model. Anthroware’s deep understanding of work-tech enabled them to identify the shortcomings of the previous web application and craft a mobile experience that catered to the needs of over 200,000 community members.

Outcome & benefits

The result of this strategic partnership was a resounding success. Anthroware’s innovative approach to member connections led to increased engagement and transparency within SMI’s healthshare system. Facilitating digital letter exchanges enhanced the crowd-funded healthcare sharing model with members experiencing a new level of authenticity in their interactions. This approach not only enhanced engagement but also provided clarity in payment processes, ensuring that member support directly addressed critical health care needs.

The collaboration between SMI and Anthroware serves as a testament to the potential of work-tech in addressing complex challenges. Through the revitalized health care application, SMI witnessed a transformation in member connections and engagement. Anthroware’s expertise in strategizing, designing, building, and improving work-technology systems for businesses was pivotal in driving this change. The success of this project highlights the importance of aligning digital solutions with organizational values, while showcasing the profound impact of work-tech in fostering positive change within communities. The transition from disconnected ad hoc workarounds to a comprehensive custom solution not only elevated member engagement but also underscored the potential of strategic digital solutions in enhancing user experiences and reshaping healthshare systems.

"I have not found a single person in our organization who has interacted with Anthroware and not been impressed. They have done a fantastic job of understanding our culture and values and shaping themselves to best fit in with who we are. They have done a great job balancing beauty and function to ensure each member is able to have a delightful experience."

Allen Eskridge
Product owner at Samaritan Ministries International