Competitive Intel: Crayons CI Partner Directory

Competitive Intel: Crayons CI Partner Directory

Jordan Weaver
Jordan Weaver
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Anthroware today announced the company has officially joined Crayon’s CI Partner Directory, a compilation of competitive and market intelligence providers. Anthroware is one of a select group to be included in the directory, which was created to help companies easily find the organizations that can supercharge their competitive intelligence efforts. Crayon is the premier competitive intelligence (CI) platform, used by hundreds of companies to track their competitors and enable their revenue teams.

Anthroware’s Competitive Intelligence Services

Anthroware is the only win-loss analysis and churn analysis provider with over 10 years of experience in strategic consulting. Anthroware can help your business gain a competitive edge with research, design amazing software, and maximize strategy with a single agile team. Strategy, software, and research all have massively valuable synergies with competitive intelligence.

You might be extracting good data from your win-loss or customer retention program, but is it actionable? We think deeply about data to connect the dots, delivering actionable recommendations for change agents to drive real impact across your organization.

Your complete competitive intelligence solution

True business value in competitive intelligence services like win-loss and churn analysis is when deeply understood learnings found in interviews can be validated at scale against your market and pipeline using surveys. Crayon's data can now be added to this strategy to provide even more quantitative validation.

  • Interviews help us discover decision-making motivations deeply at an individual client level.
  • Surveys have massively reduced value if you don’t know what information you should be validating.
  • Interviews have massively reduced value if you have no way to confirm the information against your market and pipeline at scale.

Competitive Intelligence Platforms: Joining Forces

Competitive Intelligence, Sales, Customer Success, Product Marketing, Product Management, and even RevOps can benefit from Anthroware and Crayon's combined offerings.

Meticulously customized with empathy

In this currently defensive B2B landscape, customer behavior is changing more rapidly than ever before. It's never been more valuable to have a full understanding of the feelings that customers are experiencing as we go through these changes together. Understanding these behaviors and feelings of customers and acting in the right ways at the right times based on Anthroware and Crayon's combined datasets drives impact for multiple departments and is felt across your entire business.

We boldly find answers to tough questions without politics or internal bias and get you real answers.

Anthroware's cross-disciplined expert consultants and interviewers take a bespoke white-glove approach to every win-loss or customer retention program offered. Having Crayon's granular competitive data will only make our programs even more custom-tailored to your business and objectives. Crayon customers who choose to partner with Anthroware will receive an exclusive discount.

Leadership on Crayons CI Partner Directory

"By combining Anthroware's expertise in uncovering the real challenges businesses face through our Win-Loss and Customer Retention programs with Crayon's extensive quantitative competitive data, we are poised to identify and address the core issues affecting your organization's performance. These are the issues that your executive team may sense but struggle to pinpoint precisely," stated Logan Lueck, Director of Strategy at Anthroware. "Anthroware is thrilled to join Crayons CI Partner Directory, and we eagerly anticipate the significant advantages our customers will experience as a result of this powerful partnership."

“Our customers know how critical competitive intelligence is for driving more revenue and are often looking for the right partner to ensure they meet their goals,” said Jonah Lopin, co-founder and CEO of Crayon. “We’re thrilled to have Anthroware included as one of the partners among this exceptional group in the initial directory. I look forward to our continued growth together.”

Jordan Weaver
Jordan Weaver
Enterprise Account Executive & Strategic Partnerships
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